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As a teacher, it is my responsibility to pass along the importance of music to any level or age of student. Even if some of my students do not want to pursue a career in music, I instill in my lesson plans how valuable music is to everyday life. I teach my students that music not only prepares them to become structured and regimented individuals, but it also prepares them to be leaders and team players in every day occurrences of life. The biggest lesson I can teach my students is finding their true connection to their art form. I promise to mentor you and set the bar high so you can achieve goals you may not have thought possible. Music is very personal; by creating an enthusiastic and positive environment, we will be able to truly explore how you create your art to the highest degree.

Every lesson is tailored to each of my students based on their learning styles and their interests. While I instill a strong foundation of flute and piccolo playing technique, I believe learning about the student and building a sense of trust and a personal relationship with each student is most important in a learning environment. 



One of the most gratifying parts of my teaching is chamber coaching. I currently coach two flute quartets who perform frequently around local communities. I have also coached regional honors flute quartets. My chamber coaching covers all aspects of being a chamber musician - not only in a musical sense, but how the students can safely and effectively learn to market themselves. I have visited local schools to work with flute students in group settings and am more than happy to come to your school to work with your flute section and give masterclasses. Please contact me for more information.

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